Such a sweet, innocent, and SCARY question to come from my six year old the other day. Asking me to teach him personal finance is a bit scarier than the thought of having the conversation about the ‘birds and the bees.’ Both topics have plagued parents for decades.

An interesting thing has happened, though, with the ‘birds and the bees’ topic – it’s becoming less and less taboo in our culture. Why do you think that is?

You want to know my take?

The more you talk about something, the more that thing loses its power over you. The more you talk about it, the more you’re exposed to it, the more you’re prepared when a situation arises.

So why don’t we have those conversations about money? About credit cards, student loans, and mortgages? About assets and liabilities? Because so few parents feel confident in what THEY know, and frankly I think we’re kicking the can down the road for someone else to teach our kids.

That’s where I hope this blog will come in. My goal for this blog over the foreseeable future is to start and carry on a conversation. My goal is to help parents feel prepared to have these conversations with their kids. To enable teachers to speak confidently AND accurately about personal finance. My goal is to have huge successes and to make epic mistakes and to write about them. I hope you learn and grow with me as I make my way through teaching my own kids about money.